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Cubefield is the most popular and exciting online game which is great pleasured to play by people worldwide.The purpose of game is to provide maximum pleasure to the player and give him a good profit by improving thinking ability.The positive side of the game is to develop reaction of the player,in one word the game slogan is move you brains.The main sense of game consists in that to reach the level end whole and safe collecting as much points as it possible.The game begins such as you are a triangle in the world of cubes.You main aim is to survive no matter what it will cost to you. Game is created in 3D.At first in roofing felt you there is a path from squares but then on the horizon suddenly appear and other squares you have to turn aside from them to the right or to the left using arrow buttons that are located on your keyboard.

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The game is very interesting and fascinating by itself but boundless opportunities and mass of new levels makes it simply unreal fascinating and popular in category of similar games.The further you pass level the the more difficult and more interesting playing becomes.Levels also become complicated in process of passing,it means that the speed of movement of a triangle increases unreal and cube appearanceĀ become more and more accelerated.The game background will also be change you will become in different measurements in different situations and your main objective aim is to reach the end and to collect much more,in a word the further the more interestingly.

The game this short but very interesting because there where added about 40 new levels.You must remember that having come across a square game stops so you lose all points and levels everything will be lost,it means that you should begin game on new so be very careful and attentive playing this game. Our site will provide to you full and the free version of this game in which you can long play and enjoy with you family. We wish to spend time successfully.